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11,99 EUR*
Details The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (Deep Focus)

The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training In 1977, "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" had a moment in the sun. A glowing junk sculpture of American genres--sports flick, coming-of-age story, family melodrama, after-school special, road narrative ...

18,62 EUR*
Details Action Phase Games AKG111 - Heroes Wanted-Breaking News Kartenspiel, Englisch

This just in! Breaking News is a new expansion pack of Hero, Villain, and Quirk cards-fifty-four in all-that further amplifies the legendary qualities, invasive evil, and seat-of-your-pants thrills of Heroes Wanted by bringing more POW! to your powers ...

27,73 EUR*
Details Relating to the Relatives: Breaking Bad News, Communication and Support

This book is intended for all those who not only have to give bad news but who are also keen to give as much help and support as possible to partners and families - both immediately and during remission relapse terminal illness dying or grieving ...

69,95 EUR*
Details Graz Design® Magnettafel Glasmagnettafel Wandtafel für Flur Spruch Breaking News Weltkarte (50x30cm // Sicherheitsglas + 6 Magnete + 2 Stifte)

Wunderschöne Glas Magnettafeln - Moderne Designs Unsere Glas Magnettafeln sind ein Blickfang und Meister der Funktionalität. Ob im Büro, im Restauant oder zu Hause wie Küche oder Flur: das hochglänzende farbige Glas macht jede Wand zu einem Design ...

15,77 EUR*
Details Uncanny X-Men: Breaking Point (Uncanny X-Men (Marvel Paperback))

Magneto is an X-Man. This may not be news to you, but only a handful in the Marvel Universe know that the poster boy for Fearing Mutants is now living just off the coast of one of the United State's largest cities. How on Earth are the X-Men going to ...

13,03 EUR*
Details The News in Small Towns: (Small Town Series, Number 1)

War correspondent Sue-Ann McKeown returns to her home town after a crushing six months of reporting in Iraq, giving up her high-profile job in Virginia and breaking up with her boyfriend at the same time. But a quiet, settled life isn't in the cards ...

48,49 EUR*
Details Writing and Editing for Digital Media

Writing and Editing for Digital Media, 2nd edition, teaches students how to write effectively for digital spaces-whether crafting a story for a website, blogging or using Twitter to cover a breaking news story or event. The lessons and exercises in ...

60,30 EUR*
Details Brechen des atlantischen Fernschreibers an Bord großen Ost-1865

Briser le Télégraphe Atlantique À bord de Grand 1865 Oriental  Antique Print of Breaking Atlantic Telegraph On Board Great Eastern 1865 An antique full page print from the Illustrated London News. Data if known in the title. Size of each print is ...

58,90 EUR*
Details Antiker Druck des rekordverdächtigen Motors Derby an Blackpool-Fotos 1906

Copie Antique d'Archive Brisant le Moteur Derby Aux Photos 1906 de Blackpool  Antique Print of Record Breaking Motor Derby At Blackpool Photos 1906 Full page from the Illustrated London News date if known will be in title, the size of each page is ...

32,50 EUR*
Details Montreal-Markt 1859 Habitans, das den Stoff Bricht Eis-St. Lawrence Kauft

1859 Montreal Market Habitans Purchasing Cloth Breaking Ice St. Lawrence Full page from the Illustrated London News, an illustrated weekly newspaper weeks date as shown on top of page, the size of each page is approximately (including margins as ...